Engraved Dice Signal A New Direction for Q-Workshop

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Polish gaming dice manufacturer Q-Workshop has earned a reputation for cool and setting-specific dice like Call of Cthulhu sets, dice with dwarven or elven runes, giant 20-siders used as Magic: The Gathering life counters, and so on. As of August, they’re mixing things up with two premium die sets — metal and “3D”.

© Q-Workshop

The 3D dice simply have their entire faces engraved. They sent me a set of the Forest dice, which sell for about $16 for a set of seven — not much more than you’d pay in a gaming store for less cool-looking dice. The engraved dice are very beautiful, with tangles of leaves and vines covering the faces, but that sweet look comes at a price — they’re kind of hard to read. Q also offers a similar Celtic set of 3D dice.

Apparently Q also intends to market metal dice the “second half of 2010” (which is now, but I can’t find the dice on their site?!) and they do look very sweet. Maybe we’ll learn more about these dice after GenCon.

Another, intriguing product is their custom dice service. You can download a template and add your own artwork, then get a bid from Q — it’s not cheap, they mention $140 for a set of 20 6-siders decorated in one color. More faces or colors equals added cost. Still, it’s a fun idea that might appeal to some gamers.

Q has done so much cool stuff, I can’t wait to see where they take this new direction.

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