Lucasfilm’s Crafty Bonnie Burton: Glue, Glitter, and Sometimes Gore


Bonnie Burton and her duct-tape-covered AT-AT planter. Image: Jim Carchidi

How ambitious is editor and author Bonnie Burton when it comes to turning piles of stuff into icons from a familiar galaxy far. far away?

Can you say Hammerhead Sock Doll? How about duct-tape-and-coffee-cup AT-AT planter? Or the couch-sized Jabba the Hutt body pillow?

Image: Jim Carchidi

And those are just some of the projects Bonnie – who’s also the author of the GeekDad-reviewed Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Girls Against Girlshas managed to pull off successfully. During a fun Star Wars Celebration V crafting panel on Thursday, she shared many more, and also a few that didn’t turn out so well, from a roadkill-esque split-belly Tauntaun couch “so disturbing that no one would sit on it” to an ill-fated attempt to turn her Lucasfilm office into a Dagobah swamp. (When Bonnie laughs about stuff like this and compares herself to Jordan in Real Genius, you totally get it.)

And even though my crafting ability probably peaked with a comb sleeve I made when I was eight, I was nonetheless inspired by the enthusiasm and resourcefulness on display.

She’s compiled a lot of these projects into The Star Wars Craft Book , which is due out next March, but she’s always on the lookout for other fan creations.

Macaroni noodle Star Destroyer, anyone?

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