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Happy Comics Release Day!

This week, I decided to go searching for web comics because I hadn’t spotlighted an independent project for a while. When I asked around for recommendations, I was steered toward Daisy Owl.

It has already been mentioned once, briefly, on Geek Dad in a write of five webcomics you can share with your kids but since the strip made me laugh out loud several times, I thought it deserved a spotlight too.

copyright Ben Driscoll


Daisy Owl is about an owl who is raising two human children, his friend Steve the bear, and their adventures.

It’s easier to show examples than to explain it.

Owl, his kids and a magician play Monopoly and Risk.

The foster kids ponder what to do with expired milk. Oppenheimer weeps.

The sad fate of the dinosaurs.

What Kids Will Like About It:

It’s quick to read, it’s funny, and they’ll like the kids getting in trouble.

What Parents Will Like About It:

I loved all the in-jokes, such as the strip that includes how all Risk games end or the jokes about how job interviews go in the real world or how taking high school French can affect your brain.

It’s very difficult to create a story in such a limited number of panels. It’s even harder to tell a story with a limited number of panels and not much dialogue. This strip does both.

Best Panel:

There’s so many to choose from but this most recent one of the family road trip cracked me up.

About the Creator:

After reading his comic, I contacted Ben Driscoll to ask him how the comic got started. questions. His short answers had the same wry tone as the script.

GeekDad: What started you writing the comic?

Ben Driscoll: I’ve always been a doodler, but I never committed to doing a comic before I started Daisy Owl.
GeekDad: Do you have kids yourself?
Ben Driscoll: Nope, no kids. I was a kid once though.
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