Re-Roll: The Week’s Tabletop Game News, Special Gen Con Edition 2

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We’re still in Indianapolis and still having a great time. We saw a lot yesterday, but also spent a lot of time playing games. The highlight of yesterday was touring a tribute to the original Gen Con and viewing dozens of pieces of Gen Con and gaming history. It was magnificent!

  • Restoration Games announced their next title will be … Fireball Island!
  • Renegade Game Studios announced yet another game (!), based in a fantasy setting and called Overlight. The first product within this world is a role-playing game designed by Paul Alexander Butler and George Holland, expected to release in 2018.
  • Ticket to Ride will be coming out with an expansion, a double-sided map of France and the Old West.
  • Asmodee Digital announced some games that you can play on a screen in the future. Scythe will be coming to Steam and Bananagrams is on its way to iOS and Android, Gloom to PC and tablets, and Terraforming Mars will be coming to a platform to be determined. Just around the corner, releasing later this year, are Ticket to Ride: First Journey (Steam, Mac, iOS, Android), Carcassonne (Steam, Android), Zombicide (Steam, iOS, Android), Catan Stories (iOS, Android), Smash Up (Steam, iOS, Android), Mille Bornes (Steam, iOS, Android), and Abalone (Steam).

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