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I really enjoy finding new games to play with my kids that don’t take a while to learn and that everyone can enjoy. Once you’ve played Candyland for the tenth time, you’re pretty much done with it for life.

Can You See What I See? Bingo Link is a great game for playing with your kids, or for your kids to play together. It’s based on the Can You See What I See? series of books by Walter Wick. The books are “Pictures Puzzles to Search and Solve,” and are very similar to I Spy books. Each one has a theme such as Once Upon a Time or On a Scary Scary Night. The style of images carries over into the game.

The rules of Bingo Link are simple. You take turns calling out which space to cover by saying something like, “Can you see a frog?” Everyone then takes a hexagonal game piece and covers that space. The first person to create a path from one side of the board to the opposite side is the winner. It doesn’t take too long to play each round, so you can play multiple rounds per sitting. I have found that it’s best to play with at least three people, since having more people taking turns to call out the next move adds another level of complexity.

Unlike regular Bingo, a small amount of strategy is involved, but who wins also depends heavily on luck. This puts kids and adults on virtually the same level playing field. The game is intended for those age 6 and up, but I think it would also be fine to play with kids as young as 3, if they have the patience and skill to identify the images.

My family’s overall reaction to this game was good. My husband thought it was “not bad, a good kid game, and better than Candyland.” My nine year old daughter said, “I think it’s fun. Sometimes it’s sort of hard to find the picture.” My six year old son seemed to like it. He “thought it was interesting.” The more we played it, though, the more the kids enjoyed it. Hunting for the pictures went from hard to fun.

Bingo Link probably isn’t a game that you’d want to play every week, but it’s fast and easy to learn, and great to play in mixed groups. It would also be a great game to play with your grandparents. It’s also perfect for those times when the kids just want to play a game with you and you only have ten minutes to spare. There’s no set up, very little clean up.

Can You See What I See? Bingo Link is made by GameWright and is currently available on Amazon for $15.99.

Wired: Fun for kids or for multi-age groups. Boards and pieces are nice to hold.

Tired: It’s a simple concept that will tire for grownups after a while. It’s hard to hold the board so that no one else can see it but also so that the pieces don’t fall out.

Note: I received a copy of this game to review.

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