Twaggies: Visualizing Tweets One Joke at a Time


If you read Twitter on a regular or semi-regular basis, you’ve surely happened upon a tweet or two that, like the one above, fairly cried out for someone with artistic talent to give it visual expression. Those cries have been answered, finally, by Twaggies.

If the picture above isn’t enough reason for you to check out Twaggies, how about this?: It’s the brainchild of David K. Israel, writer for (among other publications) the magazine/website mental_floss and the website Neatorama. Israel selects tweets he thinks deserve illustration, and a very talented artist named Kiersten Essenpreis provides it.

So, go check it out! It’s largely safe for work: there are a few illustrations and tweets that are risqué, so some caution is advised. Since all the illustrations have a comic-strip kind of style, though, I’d be surprised if you’d get in much trouble unless you linger for a while on some of the QSFW (“questionably safe for work,” a term I’ve just invented — tell your friends!) ones.

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