Top 10 Comic-Con News Stories We’d Like to See

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This week the 2010 version of Comic-Con kicks off in San Diego, and the annual collective nerdgasm of movie/TV/videogame news gets us hyped up better than a Mountain Dew, Jolt, Red Bull and triple cappuccino cocktail.

Every year, there’s blah news, there’s good news, and then there’s knock-our-geeky-socks-off news. While we aren’t holding our collective breath that any of these will happen (or if they do, in the way we describe them), here’s 10 stories that would knock our socks off with geeky joy:

Possible pint-sized thief?

1. Peter Jackson is finally, 100% guaranteed confirmed to co-write, produce and direct the “The Hobbit” films. All original LotR cast members whose characters show up in the story are signed to reprise. And someone who has played Doctor Who is cast as Bilbo. (This last part seems pretty safe, as both David Tenant and Sylvester McCoy have been rumored as possible choices)

2. Pick one: Aquaman movie; Superman/Batman team-up; a smart live-action Justice League TV show idea.

3. Syfy announces production of “Mega Shark and Giant Octopus Meet Dinocroc and SuperGator: in Space,” starring Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Lorenzo Lamas and Dolph Lundgren.

Coming out?

4. With news that the legal battle over the title is over, an actual release date for Duke Nukem Forever is announced. 50,000 fans continue not holding their collective breath.

5. A teaser trailer for Batman 3 is shown. Christopher Nolan has re-imagined the Riddler as a genius-savant serial killer who terrorizes the city and leaves riddles to his next victim’s identity. And Batman gets a throat lozenge.6. Kevin Smith announces he’ll be directing and writing a movie version of his Green Arrow books for DC.

Nice polygons.

7. This writer’s personal dream: Interstate ’76 to be remade as an MMOG.

8. A batch of female super-hero movies is announced, including Black Widow, Wasp, and finally Wonder Woman. There really, really needs to be a good female superhero movie.

9. Wil Wheaton announces that he’s been cast as Jack Crusher in J.J. Abrams next Star Trek film. Yeah, I know the time frame doesn’t work, but still, it’d be cool. If not that, then Jack Black is cast as Harry Mudd.

Can we have a do-over?

10. Every single copy of The Last Airbender to be destroyed, and the project remade by any director but M. Night Shyamalan. Okay, probably not Brett Ratner either.

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