Nostalgia in a Box: Polaroid SX-70 Camera

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Polaroid Rainbow SX-70Polaroid Rainbow SX-70

Polaroid Rainbow SX-70. Photo: Photojojo, used with permission

In a world where your phone’s camera is possibly better than the camera camera you owned a few years ago, film is a hard sell. But for many people Polaroid cameras are a special exception—so much so that when Polaroid decided to discontinue its film, a bunch of Polaroid employees and instant film enthusiasts teamed up to reinvent the film. But because a lot of the original Polaroid color dyes and components were no longer available, they called themselves The Impossible Project to reflect the difficulty of achieving their goal.

Well, that goal has become a reality, and my favorite DIY photo site Photojojo has some limited edition Polaroid Rainbow SX-70 cameras for sale, starting today. These are the original cameras, made between 1977 and 1982, so it’s a pretty rare item. Each camera comes with two packs of the Impossible Project’s monochrome PX 100 film. This is the first time the PX 100 “First Flush” film is available, and the only store where the SX-70 is available.

Of course, it won’t come cheap—$210 for the package, and $21 for addtional 8-exposure packs of film—but nostalgia never does, right? (Unless you’re lucky and find a bunch of old Star Wars toys in your parents’ basement.)

And if you’re not into the instant film craze? Check out the Photojojo store anyway—you might find something else nifty, like the bottle cap tripod, a helmet camera mount, or these goofy-but-nifty camera dial decals for your laptop.

Just for fun, I’ll leave you with this: an old Muppets commercial for Polaroid:

Update 4:30pm EST: Well, as might have been expected, those sold out fast. But Photojojo has kept one back to give away. Head over to their Tumblr page for instructions on the contest to win the last one!

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