It’s Not All About the Chocolate–Celebrate Father’s Day with Milton Hershey’s Legacy

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When I was growing up, I read a story about the town of Hershey, Pennsylvania in Dynamite magazine.

What kid could resist? A whole town dedicated to chocolate.

Alas, my pleas for a Hershey vacation weren’t fulfilled until I was a grown up and took my own kids. It was worth the wait, especially since the amusement park had been expanded and improved since I first read about the town.

But I also discovered something I didn’t know.

During a trolley tour, our guide talked about how Milton Hershey and his wife, Kitty, who never had any children of their own, founded a school for children and left the school a huge chunk of their estate . Today, every time someone purchases Hershey products, profits go to the Milton Hershey School. The school is now the nation’s largest, cost-free, private, co-educational home and school for children from families of low income, limited resources or social needs.

To honor the 100th anniversary of the founding of the school, there is currently a special message on the back of each Hershey bar. Celebrities such as Queen Latifah have also been talking publicly about the impact the school has on kids who desperately need it.

And Hershey’s is also sponsoring a Father’s Day contest readers for GeekDad readers.

Win This Basket of Hershey's Goodies

To enter the contest, simply post a short memory involving chocolate and fatherhood. It could be something with your father or with your son and it doesn’t need to be longer than two or three sentences.

GeekDad will assign each post a number and then randomly pick a number from the basket. Hershey’s will send out the basket after the contest closes on June 21.

Good Luck!

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