If You Like Fun & Quick Games, Look No Further Than Say Cheese And Dweebie

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Around our house, we are very fond of Gamewright games. With titles like Slamwich, Rat-a-tat Cat and Loot in its catalog, this company consistently churns out winners – and not just fun games, either. A good number of Gamewright games are award winning funfests. So when they asked me if I wanted to try some of their recent offerings, I couldn’t say no!

One of the games they sent was Say Cheese, a combination dice and card game, recommended for 2 to 4 kids, aged six and older. Setup and gameplay is a breeze: shuffle the cards and hand each player a pair of dice. As soon as someone says go, flip over two cards. Each card has a set of faces on it from a photobooth; the player’s goal is to match these faces with her dice. Each die has a black starburst, which is a wild card and can be used for any character. Make a match and the card is yours – flip over a replacement card and the game continues.Once all of the cards are collected, the player with the most cards wins.

Gameplay is fast-paced, placing Say Cheese in Gamewright’s 12 Minutes or Less category. I really like these quick games because sometimes that’s all my kids need to reset themselves before heading off to another activity.

Dweebies, while not a 12 Minute or Less game, doesn’t take much longer to play. This is a card game that requires players to place cards in a grid and then draw a replacement card. If you can create a situation where you match the Dweebies at either end of a column or row, you get to take all of the cards in that column or row. But be careful – if the grid becomes fragmented, it must be connected again before anyone can collect any Dweebies. The game continues until all cards have been played and, at the end, the player with the most cards is crowned King (or Queen) Dweebie.

We really like the funny, colorful illustrations on these cards and my kids almost had more fun laughing at the characters as they did playing the game. Dweebies is recommended for 2-6 players, aged 8 and older.

Both games are very fun to play, offer high replayability and are reasonably priced. Say Cheese can be purchased for $6.49 and Dweebies is $10.99 when purchased through the Gamewright store.

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