GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week: Rides At Legoland

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Today marks the 42nd anniversary of Legoland, that lovely theme park based on bricks, so it makes sense to have it be our theme for this week’s puzzle. Solve the head-scratcher below and E-mail your solution by Friday night at 10 pm EST and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate from folks at ThinkGeek.

I took my three kids, plus two others to Legoland to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the parks. We had a great time and each child got to choose his or her favorite ride and ride it as many times as he or she wanted. Each of the favorite rides were ridden between four and eight times. Can you identify each kid’s favorite ride and how many times it was ridden?

1. Elizabeth rode her favorite ride more times than the number of rides on Coastersaurus, which wasn’t Ian’s favorite ride.

2. The kid whose favorite ride is Splash Battle had two less rides than the GeekKid whose favorite is the Lego Technic Test Track (who had fewer turns than Ridley).

3. Allison’s favorite was Fun Town Fire Academy (my aching shoulders!). She went on it more than four times, but less times than Ethan who’s favorite wasn’t The Dragon.

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