Bioshock Infinite In-Depth Preview With Director Ken Levine

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Bioshock Infinite PreviewBioshock Infinite Preview

Bioshock Infinite Preview

With Bioshock Infinite approaching release this month, we had the chance to sit down with Ken Levine, creative director behind the game and studio, to find out what inspired him to make another Bioshock game.

It was great to have a little longer for this interview so we could really dig into the detail of the game, your companion Elizabeth, the Bioshock franchise, how religion features in Bioshock Infinite and how the game aims to attract a new audience. It was so long in fact that I ended up splitting the conversation into four videos, one for each of those topics:

Bioshock Infinite’s Artificial Intelligence

Bioshock Infinite’s Religious Undertones

Bioshock Franchise

Bioshock Audience

For more about my interview with Ken Levine, I discuss this in more depth in my feature for The Telegraph.

Bioshock Infinite is available on March 26th for $59.99 from Amazon, a Premium and Songbird edition are also available with added extras.

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