Gaming Cave-Time with Tritton 180′s

Geek Culture

Tritton 180 (image: 180 (image: was recently reminiscing about days before having kids with my wife – it seemed such a quiet and peaceful world, but what did we do with all that time? Many things have changed since the arrival of our brood, and of course we wouldn’t go back for all the tea in China.

For me the biggest change has been how I play video games – as I often muse on my blog. At first my hobby took a back seat as I struggled to justify such frivolous time when there were so many other baby and child related chores to do. But soon I realized that video gaming was my cave time, which fuelled me up for another day of family chaos.

Recently, I was testing out some Tritton Gaming Headsets for Games Basement, the AX 180 model in particular, and realized this was a perfect way to get some gaming in while on baby duty in the small hours.

I set up the baby monitor beside the TV on mute, so I can see from the readout if I’m needed by any of our sleeping angels upstairs. Then, adorning the AX180′s I can happily game the night away.
I was particularly impressed with the build quality of the 180′s. Not only did they feel really solid, but could easily be adjusted to my head – it seems I have an unusual shaped cranium that many gaming headset simply don’t accommodate.

What I hadn’t expected before playing like this was just how much atmosphere it would add to my gaming experience. It’s not just the quality of the sound, but the fact that it surrounds your head. This is fast becoming the only way I want to play games – whatever time of day it is.

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