GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week Solution: How I Wish You Were Here

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Congratulations to Jay Dreyer, who correctly answered this week’s puzzle and is the proud new owner of a shiny $50 gift certificate from the lovely folks over at ThinkGeek.


Dear GeekDad Puzzlers,

I’m sorry to say I’ve been shirking my puzzle responsibilities this week, kicking it with a bunch of the other GeekDads and having fun at Maker Faire this past weekend. You could say I kinda mailed this one in.




There’s little that can’t be improved with bacon and that includes the GeekDad puzzle of the week. Our current puzzle uses a Baconian cipher devised by that champion of the scientific method, Sir Francis Bacon. While not a true cipher (and sort of an alphabinary code as GeekDad reader Michael Baré pointed out), the Baconian cipher hides the plaintext behind one of two alphabets Bacon constructed with distinct codes for each letter. In our case, the resulting message is:

Maker Faire was great!

(And it really was! If you came by our booth to say “hi”, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves. We loved meeting and chatting with everyone. Plus, thanks to our sponsors, Hexbugs, ThinkGeek, Disney and LEGO, we gave away more cool toys, shirts and geeky stuff than ever before. If you couldn’t make it, put it on your calendar for next year. The geekiness was at maximum output and made for one of the best weekends of our year … once again.)

There was also an Easter egg in this week’s puzzle, but no one got it. Oh well. Thanks to everyone who sent in an answer. Tune in on Monday when other-Dave will try to trip up all three pounds of your gray matter with another puzzle of distressing deception, troubling trickery and crafty circumvention.

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