Draw Rude Noises With Doodle Burp

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Doodle Burp screenshotDoodle Burp screenshot

It’s no secret that little kids love rude noises. Until they reach the age where they learn that farts and burps are considered rude (note: for some, particularly boys, this age limit has not yet been discovered), kids just delight in bodily functions that the rest of us are busy trying to hide.

Mike Tsao of Attachment Computing has an app for that: Doodle Burp. It’s a very simple toy, really: draw a shape on the screen, and it will play burping sound while jiggling the drawing. It’s a very simple approximation of animating a mouth, but it’s enough to make my kids giggle. Large shapes produce big burps; small shapes give short burps. (All of the burps are apparently real, recorded and sent in by volunteers.)

It’s ridiculous, but as you can see in the video below, my three-year-old just loves it. Maybe that’s worth a buck?

Doodle Burp is available for $.99 on iTunes, or you can get the ad-supported Doodle Burp Free.

Wired: Giggle-inducing for little kids.

Tired: Good luck telling your kids “That’s enough burps for today.”

Disclosure: GeekDad received a free download for review.

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