50 Awesome Papercraft Robots

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Image from ByManBlog at pekko.exteen.comImage from ByManBlog at pekko.exteen.com

Image from ByManBlog at pekko.exteen.com

Botropolis has been busy collecting papercraft robots! They have collected fifty, yes 50, links to some very cool paper robots. I assembled the Super Robot Dog today. He is an optical illusion with the head assembled inside out. When viewed from the correct angles his eyes appear to follow you.

I’m planning on bringing some print-outs of the simpler models to Maker Faire if anyone wants to drop by the GeekDad booth to try their hand at cutting and folding some bots.

Check out the complete list on Botropolis: 50 Awesome Papercraft Robots! I also poked around on ByManBlog and found a bunch more cool papercraft models of all sorts. See more at: ByManBlog. The site is in Thai, but most of the pictures speak for themselves, and Google seems capable of filling in the gaps.

I’ve included a short video after the jump of my Super Robot Dog.

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