Insanely Adorable Fennec Fox Triplets Born in Sussex

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Photo: from The Argus; fennec fox baby says "oh hai!"

The BBC reports that a trio of fennec foxes has been successfully bred in captivity–a first. And, holy moly, these are the cutest little things I have ever seen. Share this daily “awww” with your kids today!

From the BBC article:

The animals are the smallest member of the dog family and have oversized ears, which can grow up to 15cm (6in) long.

Zoo manager Sue Woodgate said:”I am absolutely thrilled with the new arrivals.”

Fennec foxes have a high mortality rate and the triplets, born to parents, Mali and Tabari, are the only surviving cubs in the UK since 2008.

Ms Woodgate added: “To successfully rear one fennec fox is an achievement; to rear three is truly exceptional.”

(via BBC News, The Argus)

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