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Every once in a while -especially when we have a brilliant spring day- I find myself peeking out the tiny window of my basement office, contemplating a move to the great outdoors. There’s no more space in the house until the kids move out, so it’s cave or open sky for the next decade or two. But if Roald Dahl could build himself a writing shed, maybe I could go that route… I stumbled across these Funky Bunky playhouses, built just a few hours away from me in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Primarily aimed at kids (and dogs), they also have the option for having a larger custom made, “funky” studio or other outdoor workspace. While not possessing the dismal charm of Dahl’s shack, I think one of these colorful and playfully deranged buildings would be pretty fun as a workspace (and definitely an improvement over a pre-fab plastic storage shed). They even offer solar power solutions and eco-friendly bathroom options. The solar sounds good, but I think I could make my way back to the house to use the loo.

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