An Easter Event That Didn’t Need to Happen

Hacking the Holidays

So Easter is almost a week into our past; yet I’m still reeling over an event that happened in our area just before the holiday. An Easter-egg hunt. For dogs.

We’ve got a great dog. He’s a rescue from a greyhound racing track that closed in our area last year. Hands down, he’s the best dog we’ve ever had. One of the things that makes him so good is that we can walk him in public settings without him yapping his fool head off or trying to attack people that want to say “hi.”

Photo courtesy of Russ NeumeierPhoto courtesy of Russ Neumeier

Photo courtesy of Russ Neumeier

He’s good enough that we are hoping to have him certified as a therapy dog in the fall of this year. His general obedience training is taking place at the local humane society, and they passed out fliers a couple weeks ago for an Easter-egg hunt. For dogs.


The weather was crummy and we weren’t going to get in our typical walk, so we opted to try out the event. I’m still trying to figure out which is worse:

  1. There actually is an Easter-egg hunt for dogs…
  2. We paid $5 to attend the Easter-egg hunt for dogs…
  3. We weren’t alone in paying $5 to attend an Easter-egg hunt for dogs as it was packed…

The events included an agility run, paw-painting, bobbing for hot dogs, an Easter-egg hunt, and musical eggs (think musical chairs) along with an outside “free-play” area.

I’m a dog lover (and would never have a cat in the house – even if the GeekMom weren’t terribly allergic to them), but this just seems over the top…even if it was kinda, sorta fun…

Did others have Easter-egg hunts for dogs in their areas? Let us know in the comments.

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