Zibits Mini R/C Robots Giveaway

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Image by Senario

I’m a sucker for small robots, and have a thriving community of the creatures migrating back and forth between my office and home. I suspect they hitch rides in my camera bag, but haven’t been able to catch any of them in the act. Last month a Wall-E and M-O showed up on the dining room table, much to my son’s delight.

He was equally pleased to see the review sample of a Zibits on my desk. The Zibits are a mini r/c robot with a price point of about $10. They should be a good fit as a quick and easy birthday present, or an inexpensive desk toy.

Time will tell if they hold up to play testing, but so far this one is entertaining. The simple remote lets you drive them forward and spin backward, much like the cheap R/C cars that Radio Shack used to sell. A two channel remote might have been more fun, but could have driven the cost up a little.

So now for the giveaway. Just post a comment telling us about your favorite robot (real or fictitious) for a chance to win. We’ll consult with random.org to pick 5 lucky winners. Deadline is Midnight on Saturday.

Wired: Robots are always cool. Remote makes sound.

Tired: 2 AAA batteries required. Remote makes sound.

Available from Amazon, eToys, and ToysRUs.

Crazy commercial video after the jump.

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