Xkcd Volume 0 Puzzle Solved

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Image: xkcd.comImage: xkcd.com

Image: xkcd.com

As reported back in September, the first dead-tree edition of beloved xkcd comic strip was released to fanfare by geeks worldwide. Readers immediately wondered what was up with the peculiar red text peppered throughout.

Turns out, in typical Munroe-vian fashion, the marginalia was all a part of a clever puzzle for the die-hard xkcd fans to piece together. And now, half a year later, the solution is here, courtesy aspragg from the xkcd forums.

Here’s a hint: meetup.

Thar be spoilers, so peruse at your own risk. But if you haven’t figured it out by June, you may want to think about cheating. We promise not to tell anyone.

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