LEGO Rings: The Most Romantic Geeky Valentine’s Gift Ever?

Hacking the Holidays

Photo © Shannon ConradPhoto © Shannon Conrad

Photo © Shannon Conrad

So, there are only two days left until Valentine’s Day, and you’re stuck for something really romantic to get for your significant other. Or maybe you have some ideas, but find yourself frustrated with the difficulty of finding something that meets your (and your significant other’s) geeky sensibilities as well as your romantic ones.

Well, you can stop worrying, because Etsy seller Shannon Conrad (aka rubygirl) has had the great idea of creating interlocking LEGO rings. These sterling silver rings look like the top and bottom of a 2 x 2 LEGO brick, respectively, and will fit together (though not click into place like the plastic pieces). This seems like it would be an ideal gift for a couple to buy together, and each give the other one of the rings — thereby making it less necessary for them to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, too.

The rings can be made in any size and cost $125 (shipping is free). If you’re not interested in the pair of rings, you can also get just the top ring (for $70), on which you can evidently build with real LEGO pieces — it comes with a few, but it seems to me it might be fun to change them out based on your mood, and how cool would it be to put a minifig on it?

Hat tip: Craftzine.

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