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Game People CallingGame People Calling

Game People Calling

Maybe it’s my parenting instinct to try and get the best out of my writers, like I do my kids, but I’ve really enjoyed sharing their talents with a wider audience (the writers rather than the kids)

Whereas I restrain myself from putting my children’s art and writing online before they can grant me permission on that, with Game People I’m always pushing our contributors to create new and inventive ways to review video games.

One such response is Lottie Rose, who create Haiku reviews of video games. She’s just had an airing over on The Escapist:

Rather than write reviews like the rest of us she composes three line Haiku poems. Nothing hugely unusual there, not until she folds some related paper craft and photographs the vignette ready for publication. Confused yet? Hopefully the results below will make more sense.

I’d love to hear what you GeekDad’s make of it.

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