Puzzle of the Week: Who Ate the Most Fudge?

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Photo: MonkeySimon/Flickr (CC)Photo: MonkeySimon/Flickr (CC)

Photo: MonkeySimon/Flickr (CC)

This week, we have a group of geeks playing D&D and eating fudge. We need to know who ate how much. E-mail your answer to us by Thursday 10 PM EST for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to ThinkGeek!

Four geeks and super-logicians were playing their regular D&D Saturday night game at the Logician’s Club headquarters (where they’re all members). One of them had brought the left-overs of a batch of fudge they had made earlier that day. There were 11 pieces, all exactly the same size. The game, as always, was intense, and they ended up eating all of the fudge. Each geek knew how much fudge they had consumed. Nobody knew how much any of the others had eaten, except that each person had eaten at least one piece. At the end of the evening, they wanted to know who had eaten how much, so they agreed to ask only questions to which they didn’t know the answers. Here are the questions:

Albert: Did you eat more pieces of fudge than I did, Betty?
Betty: I don’t know. Did you, Stephanie, eat more fudge than I?
Stephanie: I’m not sure.
Kurt: Aha!

Kurt figured out how many pieces of fudge each geek had eaten. Can you do the same?

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