Model Rocketry’s Big Idea Guy Is Back At Work

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So, what do you do after you set a world record by building and launching a nearly-four-story model rocket?

If you’re Steve Eves, you set your sights even higher: The Northeast Ohio guy who crafted a 1/10th scale Saturn V and sent it soaring in April is working on a second, more complex rocket designed to outfly his first one.

According to this article in The (Canton) Repository, Eves’ next project is a model of the Saturn 1B, used during the Apollo spacecraft testing years and later for the manned Skylab flights. This time around, though, Eves is aiming for another level of accuracy and creating a two-stage rocket, just like the real thing, as opposed to his single-stage Saturn V. The extra boost could push the 1B twice as high as the V, which hit 4,441 feet.

And here’s his great answer to why he’s doing it – “What’s the fun of doing something easy?”

Target launch date is sometime in 2011.

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