Best of the Geek Decade: Let the Kids Decide!

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In an extremely unscientific but fun poll of our geek kids, GeekDad has compiled a best-of-the-decade list. We tried hard to keep it to what was new this decade, though we made an exception for Lego sets (in some cases it was too hard to tell what came out this decade and what didn’t). Plus, if Lego doesn’t deserve special treatment, what does?

This means Harry Potter gets in because all the movies belong to the 21st century. But Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel started in the 20th century, so we excluded them. No worries, Joss Whedon, Dr. Horrible made the cut.

Websites were trickier, given how much frequently they update their content, so we did not enforce start dates on them.

Overall, the big winner appears to be: Pixar!

Pixar appears to have nowhere to go but up.Pixar appears to have nowhere to go but up.

Pixar appears to have nowhere to go but up.

There was also a heavy dose of Star Wars among the geek kids’ favorites. Not the prequel movies, but various videogames and the Clone Wars cartoon, which had the nice effect of bonding old-school Star Wars geek parents with their kids in many geek homes. And, under comics, we noticed that many independent creators made the list for producing some awesome books and strips that appeal to all ages, including Owly, Girl Genius and Bone, none of which originally came from the big publishers.

Note: Game consoles were put together with the toys, while the accompanying videogames went under, well, videogames.

And now, onto the lists:

Best Movies

Best Books

Best Toys & Videogames

Best Websites

Best Television

Best Comic Books

Best Music

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