Testers Wanted for the GeekDad 2.0 Closed Beta



If you’ve been following us on Twitter or listening to the podcasts, you’ll have heard the news that we’re working on rolling out a bunch of new community-focused tools for GeekDad. We’ve always felt like we’ve built a good community here, but we never had the right tools available to really interact with everyone and make it feel like a cool place to be. Well, we’re going to – indeed, they’re in place and ready for some limited testing.

Which is where you all come in.

We want to run a closed beta of the new community tools, and we want the testers to come from our existing community. If you’re a fan of GeekDad, especially if you are a GeekDad or GeekMom, please consider tossing your name in the ring. We really think this is going to be a lot of fun.

So, how to get in on it? Just so we know you’re not a bot, you have to follow a very complex set of instructions involving going to the sidebar, and sending an email to the address listed for me on the Editors list. The subject of that email should be “GeekDad 2.0 Beta” and in the body of the email, tell us three things: your name, your Twitter handle (if you have one), and a little bit about your geekiness. That’s it. By some mystical system that may, or may not, include the use of d20s, we’ll pick a batch of applicants to receive an invite to the closet beta. It may not be quite as exciting as a Google Wave invite, but it’s probably more exclusive!

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