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God of War Collection (image: of War Collection (image:

God of War Collection (image:

I hadn’t paid much attention to the upcoming God of War Collection on PS3. But recently my 60GB launch PS3 died, and with it my path to backward compatibility, so I started to see the release in a new light. After digging around I discovered that the new version should look a lot better than it did on the old PS2 – even compared to my PS3′s previous upscaling attempts. The graphics have not only been remastered for the new system but now weigh in at an impressive 720p. Add to this a rock solid frame rate and full PlayStation Network Trophy support, and this is a great way to spend the months until God of War III hits the streets in March 2010.

For those unfamiliar with these classic games, the series takes inspiration from Greek Mythology and tells an epic tale of love, loss and betrayal. This new collection puts both PlayStation 2 classics onto one blu-ray disc for the PS3. It’s an unprecedented move that puts two of the most acclaimed PS2 games onto the latest Sony PlayStation system.

With Games Basement providing a review copy, I’ll bring you a full comparison of the God of War Collection next week. Just need to either fix my PS3 or stump up for a Slim, but that as they say is anotehr story.

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