Geeky Artist Offers a New Take on “Cubism”

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Image: John QuigleyImage: John Quigley
Image: John Quigley

Over the years, there have been a few artists who have used Rubik’s cube as their medium and have illustrated everything from portraits to 8 bit videogames as their subject mater. The latest to be recognized for this decidedly geeky art form is Irish artist John Quigley. He also has chosen 8 bit games and portraits as his subjects, but what sets his work apart is the scale. He uses thousands of cubes to complete some of his pieces. For instance, this portrait of Barack Obama uses more than 2,600 of the mechanical puzzles to reproduce the likeness of our current president. That’s nearly 23,600 “pixels” to complete Obama’s lifelike depiction, an impressive feat when you consider Quigley’s palette consists of exactly six colors. This seems like an art form we could all get into … now does anyone know where we can find Rubik’s cubes in bulk?

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