50 Great Star Wars Band Names – Updated With Patient Zero!

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Tauntaun Club Merchandise?Tauntaun Club Merchandise?

Tauntaun Club Merchandise?

The geek hive mind was set to silly this weekend on Twitter, as the tag #starwarsbandnames ran amok. With many of the GeekDad writers contributing to the frivolity, we felt it important to record some of the results for our readers. We’re not giving specific credit on any of these because it’s so hard to tell what the original source was for many of them, though @johnhodgman, @badstronomer, and @xenijardin were amongst the popularizing perpetrators. Please feel free to add any not listed here in the comments!

Chewbacca KhanRed Hoth Chili PeppersKessel Run DMCPaul McCartney & X-WingsThe Rolling Clones
Alderan DuranCheap Jedi Mind TrickAudioslaveleiaMighty Mighty Boss NasstonesBiggs Audio Dynamite
Frankie Valli & the 4 GreedosAeroSithJABBAEcho Base & the BunnymenDe La Solo
Electric Lightsaber OrchestraNaboomtown RatsBoba Fettshop BoysMon MothmatallicaSimply Red Leader
Tauntaun ClubDead KenobisDeath Cab for ChewieDeath Star for CutiePanic at the Cantina
Rage Against the EmpireMillennium FalcoThat’s Not A Moon It’s A Power StationNaboo OrderLeia’d Zeppelin
The Cloud City RamblersGodspeed! You Galactic EmperorEarth Windu and FireBachman Turner HyperdriveTower of Power Converters
The Force SeasonsSand Temple PilotsDexy’s Midnight Kessel RunnersDagobaha MenMegadeth Star
Pink DroidTarkin HeadsHan JoviThe Village SandpeopleChewie Lewis and the News
Mos Eisley BrothersThe Monkeewoks3PO SpeedwagonThe artist formerly known as Princess LeiaWu Tang Intergalactic Banking Clan

Update: Word has been sent to GeekDad indicating that the source of this frivolity may have been one John Moe: http://twitter.com/johnmoe/status/5921220285. We tip our hat to you sir!

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