50 Great Star Wars Band Names – Updated With Patient Zero!


Tauntaun Club Merchandise?Tauntaun Club Merchandise?

Tauntaun Club Merchandise?

The geek hive mind was set to silly this weekend on Twitter, as the tag #starwarsbandnames ran amok. With many of the GeekDad writers contributing to the frivolity, we felt it important to record some of the results for our readers. We’re not giving specific credit on any of these because it’s so hard to tell what the original source was for many of them, though @johnhodgman, @badstronomer, and @xenijardin were amongst the popularizing perpetrators. Please feel free to add any not listed here in the comments!

Chewbacca Khan Red Hoth Chili Peppers Kessel Run DMC Paul McCartney & X-Wings The Rolling Clones
Alderan Duran Cheap Jedi Mind Trick Audioslaveleia Mighty Mighty Boss Nasstones Biggs Audio Dynamite
Frankie Valli & the 4 Greedos AeroSith JABBA Echo Base & the Bunnymen De La Solo
Electric Lightsaber Orchestra Naboomtown Rats Boba Fettshop Boys Mon Mothmatallica Simply Red Leader
Tauntaun Club Dead Kenobis Death Cab for Chewie Death Star for Cutie Panic at the Cantina
Rage Against the Empire Millennium Falco That’s Not A Moon It’s A Power Station Naboo Order Leia’d Zeppelin
The Cloud City Ramblers Godspeed! You Galactic Emperor Earth Windu and Fire Bachman Turner Hyperdrive Tower of Power Converters
The Force Seasons Sand Temple Pilots Dexy’s Midnight Kessel Runners Dagobaha Men Megadeth Star
Pink Droid Tarkin Heads Han Jovi The Village Sandpeople Chewie Lewis and the News
Mos Eisley Brothers The Monkeewoks 3PO Speedwagon The artist formerly known as Princess Leia Wu Tang Intergalactic Banking Clan

Update: Word has been sent to GeekDad indicating that the source of this frivolity may have been one John Moe: http://twitter.com/johnmoe/status/5921220285. We tip our hat to you sir!

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