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Becky Stern (CC)Becky Stern (CC)

Becky Stern (CC)

Instructables is holding a Arduino contest. Use those nifty microcontrollers to build an cool project and maybe win a prize!

Arduinos are awesome – with one simple controller, you can make almost anything! What new things can you make with Arduino? We’ve teamed up with the creative folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and the Arduino Team on an Arduino contest to find out.

The rules are simple: to enter you must make a new Instructable that involves the Arduino IDE. You can use any hardware that you like, or none at all. Be sure to provide the code you used so that others can follow in your footsteps. Make something amazing and win a sweet Meggy Jr RGB from Evil Mad Science or an Arduino Mega from the Arduino Team to power your next project!

See the official announcement for more info, but don’t dilly-dally — the deadline is 11/16.

Plushie steaks pic by Becky Stern (CC)

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