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Image: AME72Image: AME72

Image: AME72

Check out the awesome Lego-themed art — both street and gallery-based — by UK-born artist Jamie Ame, also known as AME72. Recently, Ame opened a solo show in Tel-Aviv’s Kishon Gallery:

AME72 is a full-time artist who does street art all around the world. His use of a Lego-esque character has earned him the name “Lego guy”. AME72 often uses stencils and generates freehand spray paint works with intense colors and clean sharp lines. In the same way as Pop art which removes the material from its context and isolates the object, AME72 uses these mass-produced molded smiling toy puppets, as a mean to transmit a message. Messages borrowed from the urban texture and aimed towards the society’s characteristics: economic abundance, consumerism and commercialization. Says AME72: “We have got the tools to send out a positive message of peace … it’s a necessity! Whatever happens, there’s always going to be pain and hurt … I try to make stuff that makes people smile”. Using un-standard art materials in his works, as comics and short texts full of humor and defiance towards society, he manages to emphasize the banality and hypocrisy existing in every society, as can be seen in his most notable pieces: ‘Where’s the missing peace?’ done on the Israeli security wall in Bethlehem, and ‘Rooms for rent’ done outside Buckingham Palace in London, which highlighted homelessness in the UK.

For more information, check out Ame’s Flickr photostream and Kishon’s blog.

Also, Ame has prints available in his online store.

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