The Green Smackdown against Engineers


Curtis Silver and I appear to be caught in the crossfire between Engineering and Marketing at National Instruments. As Curtis blogged earlier, Todd at An Engineering Mind has accepted a challenge to go “Green”. While Todd isn’t exactly enthused about going green, he does appreciate being cheap frugal and leaving things better than he found them. Todd is leveraging GeekDad, his blog, YouTube, and social media to fight back.

Now marketing couldn’t let his threats and jabs go unanswered. Shelley from NI has a rebuttal in the form of the following video. While I usually tend to side with the Engineers, I think that Shelley’s video is funnier, even if it is mostly power point and inaccurate stereotypes. Check it out, and choose your side.

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You can voice your support for Marketing here:
Shelley on Twitter
Team Shelley Green Smackdown Pledges
Shelley’s TwitVid channel where she posts video of how to be Green

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