Star Wars: Coming To A Concert Hall, Very Close By

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Image: Lucasfilm, LTDImage: Lucasfilm, LTD

Image: Lucasfilm, LTD

Ask someone what they love most about the Star Wars movies, you would get the usuals: lightsabers, the Falcon, Jedi, Vader. But besides the visuals, play the first few notes of the main theme, which plays during The Crawl, and most anyone will know exactly which movie it comes from.

Over the past 30 years, many of the songs from the movies have become embedded within our collective culture. The Imperial March has become synonymous with all things dictatorial and oppressive. And who can forget the Mos Eisley Cantina band (better known to aficionados as the Modal Nodes). John Williams is truly one of the masters of movie soundtrack history.

And how else can the evil genius continue to advance his plan for world domination? Why not bring those favorites to a concert hall near you! Star Wars in Concert is a nationwide tour that kicks off in Anaheim on October 1st. From there, the two hour show that highlights the best music from the series will make its way east, stopping in major concert halls and arenas along the way.

In addition to the music, concert goers will be treated to a magical cinemagic light and video show via a one-of-a-kind three-story LED screen that will be synchronized with scenes from the movies. Imagine Vader stalking across an IMAX-sized screen, whilst a live orchestra summons the whirlwind of Dark Side Force Power! (Geekscream!)

Shows are sure to sell out fast. So do not hesitate in swarming to TicketMaster.

May the force be with you as the hunt for a good seat continues.

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