Rock Band + Sheet Music = Musician?

Geek Culture

halohaloI often mention Rock Band in passing and I make no bones about the fact that I’m a big fan, as are my kids. At least the boys are. I try with my daughter, even downloading all the Blondie, Garbage, Pat Benetar, No Doubt, etc… but she’s just not that into it. I have no actual musical aptitude, but if I did, I might find this site of interest. SheetMusicPlus has been trying to capitalize on the $3 Billion plus in sales that Rock Band and Guitar Hero have generated, by offering sheet music for many of the tracks offered in the games. It also carries even geekier fare like music from the Halo games. Will young gaming geeks convert into actual musicians? It could happen. In an interesting twist, CEO Keith Cerny is the brother of famed video game guru Mark Cerny. Maybe they’re plotting some sort of video game live music convergence scheme, something with plastic instruments and…

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