Pick Up a Plastic Axe and Shred … on the Commodore 64

Geek Culture

I’m willing to bet a good number of GeekDad readers owned a Commodore 64 at some point in their lives. For many of us, it was a first introduction to home computers and – more importantly – programming. With more than 17 million computers sold, the C64 is the best selling personal computer of all time and there are still plenty of them floating around.

As you can imagine, there’s also a big modding community, converting these old machines to everything from a movie server to a working laptop. But, one of the most wonderfully fun innovations ever seen comes courtesy of Toni Westbrook, who has developed a C64 version of Guitar Hero, which he calls Shredz64. The game uses a PS3 controller and plays a pretty impressive variety of songs. Check out the video below for more details (Part 2 here). Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the Beatles edition of Shredz64 will be released.

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