In Time for the Heroes Season Premiere, an Interview With Greg Grunberg


Image via Flickr user ewen and donabel under CC licenseImage via Flickr user ewen and donabel under CC license

Image via Flickr user ewen and donabel under CC license

Greg Grunberg, best known for playing the telepathic Matt Parkman on Heroes, is much more than just an actor on a geeky TV show: He’s the drummer in Band From TV, a group of actors from various TV shows who play really good music for charity; he’s the co-developer of the iPhone/iPod Touch app “Yowza!!”; and, what’s more, he’s a geek dad!

I had the chance to talk with Grunberg last week, and had a great time doing it. We talked about things to expect in Season Four of Heroes, which starts tonight (8:00pm ET/PT on NBC), and a whole bunch of questions about Season Three. We talked about his association with J.J. Abrams, from the possibility of the plane’s dead pilot making another appearance on Lost to the possibility of Grunberg appearing on-screen (instead of just in voice-over, that is) in the next Star Trek film — he suggested he would love to play Harry Mudd, which I for one would love to see.

We talked about Band from TV, which Grunberg started, and which is far better than you would probably expect a band of TV actors to be — if you haven’t heard their album, “Hoggin’ All The Covers,” go order it now; all proceeds go to charity. This is a band that has Grunberg and Adrian Pasdar from Heroes, Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer from House (which, incidentally, also premieres tonight), James Denton from Desperate Housewives, and a rotating cast of several others. Aside from their celebrity, though, they really are genuinely good musicians.

And we talked about “Yowza!!,” which is a very neat, and completely free, app for the iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon for Blackberry and Android phones, Grunberg told me). Stores of all sorts pay a small fee to have a deal advertised on the service, and then users are presented with available deals based on proximity to their current location. I’ve had the app since Grunberg first announced its availability on Twitter some months ago, and, while it has only saved me a little money, that’s money I would otherwise have spent, so it’s a clear win seeing as how the app is free.

So, enjoy the interview: Find out if he passed when I tested his geek cred! Hear about the very cool projects he does with his kids! And, of course, find out what to expect from Matt Parkman this season on Heroes!

You can download an mp3 of the interview directly.

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