Speeders In Your Neighborhood? Paintball Guns Might Be The Answer

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Image: Zac Wong via FlickrImage: Zac Wong via Flickr

Image: Zac Wong via Flickr

It’s the bane of every parent: cars speeding down residential streets while kids play in front yards and ride their bikes in the street.

Well, a group of Durham, North Carolina residents, fed up with speeders in their neighborhood, have taken matters into their hands. They’ve posted a series of signs throughout their neighborhood warning speeders that they will enforce speed limits … by shooting violators with paintball guns.

The threat – yet to be delivered on at this point – results from dissatisfaction with current police enforcement and frustration at a problem that has long been ignored.

What do you think? As a parent, would you turn to paintball vigilantism to force police to take action … or is it never right to take the law into your own hands?

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