Rock, Paper, Sith Lord

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One finger for Luke, a fist for Vader, a splayed hand for Emperor Palpatine.

There are two main problems with Rock, Paper, Scissors. First problem: how does paper beat a rock? Yes, it can wrap it up, but does that make it any less of a rock? Second problem: not enough Star Wars.

A Geeklet (and his GeekMom) from the Washington D.C. area recently introduced me to their new version which solves both problems.

Graham L.’s Luke-Vader-Emperor game is very cleverly based on the climactic scenes of Return of the Jedi: [SPOILER ALERT]

  • Luke beats Vader.
  • The Emperor beats Luke.
  • Vader beats the Emperor.

So goes the movie and so goes the game.

You throw a single finger for Luke, to represent his specially modified lightsaber. You throw a fist for Vader, recalling his We’ll Rule The Galaxy Together speech. And for the Emperor, you make your hand into the gnarled, twisted fingers he used to blast Luke with lightning.

And remember, you throw your sign ON three. It’s one… two… throw.

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