Rock ‘n’ Roll Creation: Spinal Tap Meets LEGO

Geek Culture

It’s been a really good summer for fans of Spinal Tap, my all time favorite fake band. In the past few months there’s been a tour, new songs, a re-release of the movie on Blu-Ray, Rock Band offerings and now this: “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” rendered in LEGO.

While reading the New York Times this morning (it’s part of my morning ritual before the kids get up: MacBook, coffee, scan my favorite news sites to see what blew up last night), the story of Coleman Hickey and his stop motion animated LEGO concert performance caught my eye. I just downloaded “Stonehenge” and other Spinal Tap classics for Rock Band last night and I was pondering whether to continue my format continuity project by picking up a copy of This Is Spinal Tap in Blu-Ray (to add to the VHS and autographed DVD versions already on the shelf), so this Tap story in the Times immediately stuck out. Warning to parents, the song in the video below contains mildly suggestive lyrics…

It’s too bad that legalities kept the clip out of the planned Spinal Tap tour DVD release, but it was used by the band in concert which is a pretty big shout out.

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