How Does a Jedi Master Eat Noodles?

Geek Culture

Why, wchopsticks2chopsticks2ith light saber chopsticks, of course! This is one of those ideas that, if you’re at all like me, you can’t help but wonder why nobody thought of it before now. I mean, I’ve been eating with boring old chopsticks that don’t look like light sabers at Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants for thirty years!

Yes, starting in November, the Japanese company Kotobukiya will be selling chopsticks that look like red, blue, or green lightsabers. I love that the hilts are different on each set, because of course they would be much less realistic if they all had matching hilts. At only $10 a pair, I may have to get several, because my kids will want them as soon as they see them, too. That, and I figure if I get different colors I can mix them up so that when I eat with them, it’ll look like the chopsticks are fighting with each other.

Yes, I’m just that geeky.

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