Kidwords for the iPhone Isn’t Just for Kids

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Image: 3lb GamesImage: 3lb Games

Image: 3lb Games

They call it Kidwords, and it is supposed to be a kids game, but I’m having too much fun to share it for long. With word lengths from 3 to 6 characters and three difficulty settings, Kidwords ends up being a nice mix of spelling and dexterity suitable for all ages.

The easiest setting for three letter words requires the player pick one letter to complete the word. This scales all the way up to six letter words on hard where you have to pick all of them. Players are rewarded for spelling the work quickly and can request hints and change the difficulty mid game. Careful not to ask for too many hints as they come at a cost of time and points.

Travis ran through the game between bouts of Wormux today and gave it a double thumbs up. I just topped all his high scores so he’ll have to defend his honor tomorrow.

So if you’re looking for some inexpensive fun with some sneaky education on the side, check out Kidwords 3.0 from 3lb Games. There is a Spanish version in the works that should be announced on the 3lb Games site soon. There’s a demo video after the jump if you still aren’t convinced.

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