Happy Birthday, Wil Wheaton!


Of course, he'd be much more dashing as a live action Bard...Of course, he'd be much more dashing as a live action Bard...

Of course, he'd be much more dashing as a live action Bard…

Today is Wil Wheaton’s 37th birthday. He always precedes me into a new age; I will turn 37 next April. Sometimes I feel like he’s paving the way for me, which is actually a comforting feeling. Wil has had a great year. He was elected Secretary of Geek Affairs (GeekDad worked very hard on his campaign), his episode of Family Guy aired, he was a Very Bad Man on Criminal Minds, he rocked the house at his Rock Band party at the Phoenix Comicon and there is a even new campaign to cast him as Bard the Bowman in the upcoming movie, The Hobbit.

Wil still has his wonderful blog and other online writing projects, but we haven’t heard as much from him lately as we used to. This is most likely due to the secret projects he keeps alluding to, and the fact that he has been working long and hard on Memories of the Future. I can’t wait to read that one!

When I met Wil Wheaton a couple of years ago, it only confirmed my suspicions that he is just a regular guy who happens to be famous. He loves his family, takes his responsibilities seriously and truly appreciates his adoring public. More than a regular guy, though, he’s a regular geek. Perhaps he’d honor us by being a part of a possible GeekDad presence at Comic-Con next year?

Happy Birthday, Wil Wheaton! We hope you have another great year.

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