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A couple months ago, I got a review copy of Sam Stern’s Get Cooking. A cookbook designed to get your teens/tweens cooking. I tried the recipes with my youngest two children (so far) and it’s been a great experience.

Image: Russ NeumeierImage: Russ Neumeier

Image: Russ Neumeier

Sam Stern’s Get Cooking is his latest cookbook. The British teen has been the author of several other cookbooks and credits his Mom with the inspiration to start cooking. Sam highlights his friends throughout the different sections, and he works recipes that reflect his friends’ different tastes…from tomatoes to cheese to pasta to vegetarian and meat & potato dishes…along with some desserts and other sweets.

Using the cookbook, I let the youngest two choose a dinner and dessert menu from the cookbook – and we had a blast. Each recipe needed the kids to chop some veggies and use either the stove-top or the oven. They both had a great time.

The youngest chose Spaghetti with Oil, Garlic, and Chili (pictured above) for dinner along with Chocolate Fruit Sundaes for dessert.

Image: Russ NeumeierImage: Russ Neumeier

Image: Russ Neumeier

The other child chose the Sfinciuni – a Cheese-Pizza Pastry.

Both dinners were excellent and gave each of them more confidence in the kitchen.

Since then we’ve tried a couple of other recipes – the Macaroni & Cheese is a good one as are the Sweet Corn Fritters.

The older kids are wanting a weekend to try out some recipes…we’ll be doing those soon enough.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a cookbook your kids will enjoy. Check this one out.

Wired: fun recipes and the kids want to try new foods that aren’t part of our standard grocery shopping run.

Tired: some of the British phrases need interpretation (for us Yanks) as the kids are trying to follow the instructions.

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