Another Five Great Blogs About Role-Playing Games

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GeekDad compiles another round of RPG blogs for you to read over your lunchtime.

As we mentioned last time there are literally thousands of RPG blogs out there so it can be hard to find any that don’t suck. Everyone finds the big names and tends to stick to them until someone comes a long and points them in the direction of something new.

The one thing I’ve come to learn from reading all these blogs is that everyone has an opinion and not everyone agrees with each other. There are that many RPG blogs out there that you hit a huge cross section of different playing/DMing styles and that’s before you even get to the different systems that everyone uses. Something for everyone as they say.

chbannerchbannerThese guys seem to be on the rise. Not limiting themselves to just RPG material has meant they bring in a slightly different crowd but don’t let that put you off. Most of their posts are still aimed at the RPG players out there. While you can find your usual news and reviews here there is plenty of original material to look through.

These are the guys behind the RPG Bloggers Network and have been name checked by Wil Wheaton on his blog thanks to Dave wearing the Wheaton designed tee during a gaming session. Go find out what all the fuss is about.

cm_buttoncm_buttonWith Campaign Mastery Johnn Four, from Roleplaying Tips and Mike Bourke get to use all those years of experience in DMing and campaign designing to help you make your own games more successful.

I’ve learned a lot over the short time I’ve been following this blog which either says a lot about my 20+ years of DMing skill or shows just how good their site is. Unlike most RPG blogs there you very rarely get a short post from these guys. When they write it gets involved and each post would be better described as an article and all the better for it.

roleplayingpro_170x50roleplayingpro_170x50It seems to be the trend these days to have more than one writer on a blog and Roleplaying Pro are no exception. With several decades of experience between Samuel Van Der Wall and John Lewis aim to provide original material for any topic relating to RPG’s.

One of my favorite posts in recent weeks has been their free downloadable guide to creating 3D battle maps for your gaming sessions.

atomicbanneratomicbannerThis ones a slight cheat as it’s really a podcast. Rone Barton and Ed Healy have got their hands full with all the projects and sidelines they have going on in the RPG industry but they always make time to record episodes for Atomic Array.

Ed manages to wrangle together several blogs each episode to help review whatever system or book they to be talking about. In doing this not only do you find out about all this great stuff but you also get pointed to some more great blogs as well.

You might also be able to find them playing on War Pigs Radio at local gaming store.

freebannerfreebannerRob Lang hosts this fantastic resource for free pen and paper rpg games. If it’s out there and doesn’t cost a penny then he’ll either have a link to it with something to say or would really like to know more about it.

He also just recently took part in as well as sponsered the 2009 24 Hour RPG Competition where you have to create an entire new system in 24 hours. You can check out his blog for more information on this.

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