Alternate Side Parking a Soyuz Spacecraft

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Image: Wikimedia CommonsImage: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Probably made most famous by the the lamenting of New Yorkers in the Big Apple, alternate side parking has long been the bane of narrow street dwellers. Throw on a robe at 5AM (or not) and rush out to move your car before the street sweepers come through or you get towed.

While having more room than anyone else in the Solar System to work with, the new 6-person crew on the International Space Station sometimes also has to worry about the mundane.

On Thursday, July 2nd, three members of Expedition 20 will board Soyuz TMA-14 and relocate it to the Pirs docking compartment. The spacecraft is currently located at the Zvezda port which needs to be made available for the Progress resupply mission set to arrive towards the end of July.

NASA will broadcast the joy ride live on NASA TV starting at 4 PM central. The total drive time is expected to last about 30 minutes. Tune in and see how astronauts parallel park in space.

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