Ugobe’s Pleo Finds His Jurassic Park

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Photo By: hivePhoto By: hive

Photo By: hive

Saved from its own extinction event by Jetta Company Ltd, Pleo is on the way back.

Jetta Company was the original manufacturer of the Pleo for Ugobe so it seems fitting that they bought up the intellectual property at bankruptcy prices. Steve Ohler of Jetta confirmed their commitment to re-launch the Pleo and continue work on the line with accessories, battery chargers, and other components.

Now I hope that Jetta maintains the same lax attitude toward hackers and tinkerers that Ugobe did.

The Pleo price plummeted when Ugobe folded and it is still possible to pick them up for about $150 if you shop around. I’m ordering a couple from Amazon to use as gifts later in the year since the price will surely go up once Jetta starts shipping the new ones.

[via Robots Rule]

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