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Professor Retro's Space Food SamplerProfessor Retro's Space Food Sampler

Professor Retro's Space Food Sampler

Duly inspired by the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission which occurred July 16-24, 1969, FunkyFoodShop is offering 11% off their Professor Retro’s Space Food Sampler. The sampler includes a variety of foods eaten in space, all interesting and quite good. There is freeze-dried ice cream, freeze-dried fruit, drink powders and Space Food Sticks. While the food is designed to eat in space, it is equally good to bring on car or plane trips. You also get a Space Food Sticks magnet, and, for a limited time, when you order the sampler pack you will receive a mini-poster commemorating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11.

My entire family of four tried all of the items in the Space Food Sampler pack. Some were new, some were revisits to childhood memories, some were most excellent, a few were just okay. Here is our complete review.

The freeze-dried astronaut ice cream would be the most familiar to people. All the flavors are really tasty. This was no surprise. I’ve tried freeze-dried ice cream twice before in my life and this was the same kind I had tried in the past. The pack included neapolitan (mysteriously labeled as just plain “ice cream”), chocolate chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip. All were incredibly flavorful and reconstituted instantly in your mouth. I particularly liked the added texture of the chocolate chips in the latter two flavors.

The freeze-dried fruit was just that, freeze-dried fruit. My son didn’t like any of the three flavors, but, well, he’s five and not at all adventuresome when it comes to food. The rest of us liked the cinnamon apples and the peaches quite a bit. The strawberries were a little bit too tart for me, but were otherwise good. Perhaps they would be better in something, or with some space whipped cream, if such a thing existed.

The four drink mixes are each meant to be mixed with 16 ounces of water. The flavors are Lunar Lemonade, Lemon Lime Crater-ade, Intergalactic Grape and Outer Space Orange. Be careful when you are pouring the powder, however, because it can stain your fingers! The drinks are sugar free, which I usually shy away from, but they were tasty and quite fruity. My daughter was surprised at how like grape juice the grape flavor tasted.

And now the Space Food Sticks. These unique snacks were new to me, despite their long history. They were around when I was a kid, but I somehow never heard of them, let alone tried them. I was the most excited to try these in the sampler pack. They did not disappoint! The texture was divine. The flavor sumptuous. Everyone in my family loved both the peanut butter and the chocolate flavors. They were like large, fresh, soft Tootsie Rolls, except with more nutritional value. I only wish they were larger. Each stick has 130 calories and 3g of protein. I hope that the FunkyFoodShop starts making more flavors, such as the ones that existed with the original Space Food Sticks. I would vote for mint and orange.

FunkyFoodShop offers a decently wide array of space foods, including the above sampler pack. They also offer some other interesting but not space-related food.

The coupon code for 11% off the Professor Retro Sampler Pack is “Apollo11”. It is good through Labor Day.


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