Musician’s Dice Are d12 Kinds of Awesome!

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Musician's Dice in all their polyhedral gloryMusician's Dice in all their polyhedral glory

Musician’s Dice in all their polyhedral glory

We have a lot of dice in my household. We have traditional six-sided pipped dice. We have a fine selection of gaming polyhedrals (in both matched and unmatched sets). We even have a couple sets of dominoes, which, while they obviously aren’t dice, are close enough to confuse my four-year-old.

But what we don’t have are Musician’s Dice.

The Musician’s Dice are a creative tool that can be used in any number of ways: they bring the element of chance into the musical process. They can be used in composing Aleatory and 12 tone-music, or as a basis for improvisation; they’re fun in a jam session. They also make an effective study tool: they can be used as “musical flash cards” when learning harmony, and their randomness makes for fresh and challenging exercise in sight-singing and ear training.

At long last, my loves of songwriting and casting lots have finally achieved common ground. In a word? Sold!

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