Fully Operational Grill Destroys Bratwurst, Planets

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Image: Bryan A. Tate

It’s like a million cows cried out in torment and were sizzled to a nice medium rare temperature at once.

A DIY Star Wars fan saw a post on Geekologie about rejected Star Wars promotional items. Among the Han Solo in carbonite mini-fridge and Leia headphones was a funny image of a Death Star grill.

This intrepid fan made the grill a reality and has now shared his completed project. The fully functional grill was built using two Weber kettles and has the requisite double vent for easy cooking (one of the vents is situated in place of the Death Star’s superlaser).

With summer grilling season upon us, isn’t this a grill that any dad would be proud to feed his padawans with?

Via Twitter

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